Hand painted kitchen pottery

Hand Painted kitchen pottery is definately popular and users and collectors have many possibilities to select from today.  Some people like some of the old pottery and some folks would rather choose the new hand painted kitchen pottery.  I started collecting the hand painted Watt Pottery many years ago.  In my view Watt Pottery is the most beautiful hand painted kitchen pottery available today.  The gorgeous Watt Pottery Apple pattern is just an outstanding piece of art.  Years ago I was interested in collecting some old time pottery and was introduced to Watts Pottery.  I was absolutely hooked at first glance.  I started collecting right away and looked everywhere I could think of looking.  I purchased one of my first pieces at an old farm auction and it was a Watt Pottery Rooster number 15 pitcher.  As far as old pottery is concerned I surely believe Watt Pottery is my favorite.  I started collecting the number 62 creamers and loved the Watt Double Apple  pattern a bunch.  



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