Old time pottery

The production of pottery is one of the most ancient arts. The oldest known body of pottery dates from the Jomon period (from about 10,500 to 400 BC) in Japan; and even the earliest Jomon ceramics exhibit a unique sophistication of technique and design. Excavations in the Near East have revealed that primitive fired-clay vessels were made there more than eight thousand years ago. Potters were working in Iran by about 5500 BC, and earthenware was probably being produced even earlier on the Iranian high plateau. Chinese potters had developed characteristic techniques by about 5000 BC. In the New World many pre-Columbian American cultures developed highly artistic pottery traditions.  As far as different collectors go, they have many different choices of old time pottery to choose from.  Basically pottery consists of three different types of wares.  Earthenware has been produced using the very same methods since ancient time eras.  Because of the present time of mass production, of pottery materials and methods have changed. 


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